My Fine Art Photography Print Mockup

Creating a photography print mockup is a great way to show how your photos would look in an everyday setting. Recently I prepared a photo for printing. I created this mockup to showcase what it would look like in a home. I chose this particular mockup because the wooden ceiling and brown color scheme fit the vibe of the picture. A great place to find free mockup templates is this website!

Design & Photography by Rachel - Photography Print Mockup - living room mockup

Image For Printing

Design & Photography by Rachel - Photography Print Mockup - image for printing

shooting, editing, printing and framing process.  

This is the photo I prepared for printing. I took it near the Grand Tetons in a moment of sunshine on a cloudy day. You can see a similar picture at the end of this post of pictures I took that day!

To shoot this image, I crouched low to get an upward angle on the wheat grasses, but forward enough that I just got a little bit of the sun coming in at the top to get the sun flare. I focused on a few blades of wheat, but left the rest of the image blurry, having a very shallow depth of field. To edit it, we brightened up the image and brought out the yellows more (turned up the saturation on the yellows). We also brought up the vibrancy of the entire image. We also used content-aware fill on Photoshop to get rid of a blade of grass in the foreground that looked out of place. The final result is this photo, which I used in my photography print mockup!