Creating Smoke Bomb Photos in Island Park, Idaho

Picture this: a pine forest by a peaceful river, coursing through hills and mountains in southeast Idaho. The air is moist with recent and future rain, and clouds cover the sky. If you’re a photographer you may think, “It’s time for some smoke bomb photos!” At least, that’s what a few of my photographer friends and I thought. Here are some of the results.

Design and Photography by Rachel smoke bomb photos green smoke
Design and Photography by Rachel smoke bomb photos blue smoke

Smoke Bomb Photos are harder than they look

At first we tried to have our models hold the smoke bombs, but as I was looking through those pictures, not a single one turned out very well. We eventually realized that we needed to have someone else holding the smoke bombs and circling around our models, and that’s how we got the results I have in this post.

Design and Photography by Rachel smoke bomb photos golden vibes

Editing in Post

In post, I turned the vibrancy up on all my images to make the smoke pop, and I also went into my color mixer to specifically bring out the smoke without making the rest of the photo look weird. I tried two different edits for the model shown above. The first one is at the beginning of this post, and it gives off the vibe of a classy witch. The second one, shown directly above, I made more bright and warm and calm, and I really like how both of them turned out! It shows how much variety you can have with smoke bomb photos.

Design and Photography by Rachel smoke bomb photos blue smoke bomb

I loved how all the photos with the blue smoke and this model turned out. The way the smoke came up around her was just spectacular. I really enjoyed doing these photos, and would totally do it again!

If you’re wanting to do smoke bomb photography yourself, definitely read this post first. It talks about how to do smoke bomb photos the safe way!

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