Let’s face it: getting nice pictures can be expensive! It’s hard to know how much to be willing to pay for a photographer. My attempt today is to answer the question, how much should a photoshoot cost? I’ll outline the things that go into a photoshoot for us photographers, and how you can gauge based on what you’re willing to pay.

An average 1-hour photo session ranges from $100-250, but can go up to $500, depending on the photographer. (source)

I charge $99 for my basic family/portrait package, but right now I have a sale that takes $20 off each of my family/portrait sessions of all lengths!

That may seem like a lot to charge for just an hour – that means we are making $100 plus an hour – right?

Well, not exactly.

Here’s a video that explains all the work that goes into one photo session. For me, a 1-hour session usually takes about 5-7 hours of work!

To recap, it includes:

Prep – location scouting/research and finding poses, making sure my camera is ready to go!

Session – taking awesome pictures!

Post – sorting pictures, editing pictures

I’d love to have you book a session with me! I try to provide quality photos for an affordable price. But if you don’t choose me, I hope you found this to be a helpful guide when choosing a photographer and knowing how much a photoshoot should cost!