Affordable Rexburg Photographer | Design & Photography by Rachel

Rexburg, Idaho is a place with a lot of students and young families, and that often accompanies having tight budgets. Here are a few affordable Rexburg Family Photographers that can help you out when your wallet is slim! These guys all do some beautiful work and honestly, probably undercharge what they reasonably could. Without further ado…

5. LisIn Chen Photography

LiSin Chen does some absolutely BEAUTIFUL work. She is a stunningly good photographer. Most photographers charge $200-300 for a one-hour photo session, and she’s up there with the best so she could. But she is one of the most affordable Rexburg Family Photographers there are. Check out her other prices to see if she’s a good fit for you! When I found her, I told my husband I found our next photographer. If you’re looking for some beautiful pictures for a good price, she’s someone to look at!


Tori Elisabeth Photography also does an absolutely fantastic job, and she charges $110 for a one-hour family photo session! I was stunned to see her prices after I saw her work. She has a modern, creamy, classy style and all of her photos are of the top quality. I honestly can hardly believe that such a talented photographer is one of the most affordable Rexburg photographers, but it’s true! Her prices here will convince you of that if you don’t believe me. She’s amazing!

3. Isabelle Lane Photography

Photo by: Isabelle Lane Photography

Isabelle Lane Photography did my engagement photos! When my fiance (now husband) and I saw them, we basically squealed over how much we loved them. She did a beautiful job! She does a really nice job with her family photos in making sure people have fun and laugh! She’s so good at capturing moments and making sure everyone feels comfortable and has a good time! She’s a very comfortable photographer to work with. Again, I don’t know why she charges as little as she does, but she is a very affordable Rexburg family photographer!

2. Design & Photography by Rachel

Photos by Design & Photography by Rachel

That’s me! 🙂 My goal is to provide quality family photos at an affordable price. It can be so expensive to get good photos, and I really want to make sure anyone can have them who wants them! I know how hard it can be to find an affordable Rexburg family photographer, and how much people charge, and being on the tight budget side myself I want to make sure I provide what I always wished I had! Family Photos are my favorite (though I love the rest too!) and I love working with kids, so I can promise that if you book with me I’ll try to make sure your kids have a good time and laugh, and get the cutest photos out of it!

I currently have a deal going that is $20 OFF any family or portrait session if you book before the end of July, bringing it down to $79 for a one-hour photo session! Check out my prices, and message me to schedule your session!

I’ve found one affordable photographer who charges just less than I do, though, which brings us to our #1….drumroll please….

1. Ashley Richter Photography

Ashley Richter Photography only charges $60 for a one-hour photo session! She has some really nice work, and if you’re looking for someone really affordable she’s the person for you! Check out her work on her Instagram to see if she’s a good match for what you’re looking for. Her photos are fantastic for the price!

Find an Affordable Rexburg Family Photographer Who’s Right For You

These 5 Affordable Rexburg Family Photographers all have different styles and different things to offer. From $60 to $150, from up-and-coming to professional, from golden light to modern editing, you’ve got lots of options to choose from! Take a look around and figure out what matches your vibe. One of these affordable photographers is bound to make your dreams come true while keeping your budget intact!